HER+ Program

Now up to $10,000 back!
Enhanced rebates through a new partnership with Enbridge Gas and the Government of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant.

Energy Rebates for Ontario Homeowners

Save Energy and Enhance Home Comfort with Ontario’s Energy Rebate Program

Are you an Ontario homeowner looking to reduce your energy consumption and improve the comfort of your home? The Canada Greener Homes Grant, delivered jointly by Natural Resources Canada and Enbridge Gas, presents the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program exclusively for Ontario residents. By participating in this program, eligible homeowners can receive grants for recommended retrofits that enhance energy efficiency, including home insulation, windows and doors, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, homeowners must provide proof of ownership and demonstrate that the home is their primary residence. Visit the Enbridge Gas website to access a complete list of eligibility criteria and begin the application process for the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Start Your Journey to a More Energy-Efficient Home Today

Take advantage of Ontario’s Energy Rebate Program and make your home more energy-efficient while improving your overall comfort. Begin the process of accessing the Canada Greener Homes Grant by visiting the Enbridge Gas website and discovering how you can benefit from this valuable initiative.

How to Apply for the Loan – Step-by-Step Guide for Ontario Homeowners

If you are an Ontario homeowner looking to apply for the Canada Greener Homes Loan, follow these simple steps to make your home more energy-efficient and enjoy the benefits of a greener living space.

Step 1: Get Started on the Enbridge (HER+ Program) Website

Visit the Enbridge website and navigate to the HER+ program page to initiate the application process. Here, you will find all the necessary information and resources to guide you through the loan application.

Step 2A: Pre-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

Choose a service organization that will conduct a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation of your home. This evaluation will provide valuable insights into your home’s energy efficiency and help you prioritize the renovations needed.

Step 2B: Optional Interest-Free Loan Application

If desired, you can apply for the interest-free Canada Greener Homes Loan. This loan will assist you in financing your retrofit projects, making it more convenient for you to make energy-saving upgrades to your home.

Step 3: Retrofit Your Home

Consult the Renovation Upgrade Report (RUR) provided by your energy advisor. This report will outline the recommended retrofits based on the pre-retrofit evaluation. Follow these recommendations and proceed with the necessary renovations to make your home more energy-efficient.

Step 4: Post-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

Once the retrofitting is complete, your energy advisor will send you the required documents for the post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. It is only after the second evaluation of the retrofitting is done when the documents can be sent to the homeowner. This evaluation will assess the effectiveness of the retrofits and provide you with valuable information on the energy improvements achieved.

Step 5: Receive Your Canada Greener Homes Grant and HER+ Program Rebate

After the post-retrofit evaluation, you will receive your Canada Greener Homes Grant and HER+ program rebate. These financial incentives will help offset the costs of your energy-efficient upgrades and reward you for your commitment to a greener home. Enjoy the long-term benefits and savings of a more energy-efficient living space.

Follow these steps to take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Loan and transform your home into an eco-friendly haven.