Since 2008, Energy Werx has been providing EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations to help homeowners make energy efficient renovation plans for their homes. We’ve helped many people excel in their career while working alongside our team.

With the Canada Greener Homes program recently launched, we are looking to partner with local professionals across Manitoba and Northern Ontario to expand our team.

If you are a building professional, home inspector or energy advisor looking to take your career to the next level, please reach out to us today to discuss opportunities in your area.

About Energy Werx:

  • Industry leading compensation arrangements
  • State of the art Customer Management System to help keep you organized
  • 13+ years of experience building and growing the Energy Werx brand as a leader in the home energy audit space
  • Support staff with hands-on experience in the industry to help you succeed with technical, sales, business development or any other areas you need help with
  • Partnerships with leading industry and technology professionals.

What We offer:

We offer a unique opportunity to join a dynamic culture committed to investing in structure, technology development, and automation. We lead the way in our goal to make our Advisors’ jobs easy, accurate, and compliant with NRC regulations. At Energy Werx Manitoba, we are a hardworking, customer-obsessed team dedicated to providing flexible and supportive work environments with growth opportunities. We pride ourselves on setting the bar high regarding quality and are looking for individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

If you are motivated, want to take a step forward in your career, and are a results-oriented individual with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, we encourage you to apply to join our team of Energy Advisors today.

Energy Advisors are responsible for providing energy assessments and advice to homeowners and building owners to help them improve the energy efficiency of their properties in a timely (within 14 days) and professional manner. The goal is to help owners reduce their energy consumption, apply for rebates and government loans, save money on energy bills, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

If now is the time for you to grow your business and partner with a company who understands your value, reach out to us!

Working at Energy Werx has given me the chance to manage my own business and time, in an industry that represents change for future generations. As an immigrant I have been able to develop professionally and apply my engineering knowledge in some aspects of my job. Energy Werx has been very welcoming and has helped me in the process of learning and becoming a certified and registered energy advisor. I see potential of growing within the company and as an independent contractor, and I’m happy to work along skillful and experience individuals.

Gustavo Muriel

I am Amir!

I have an MSC. and MASC. in civil environmental engineering. I have worked as an environmental engineer for several years in different well-known consulting engineering companies playing many roles (from a junior engineer to project manager). During these years I have always been thinking about developing and running my own business. I had a record of a successful engineer back in my country but as an immigrant I had my challenges about how to pursue my carrier in Canada.

I started my journey for becoming a Certified Energy Advisor with a highly supportive and professional team in Energy Werx. This company helped me with my registration, training and has been open to any sort of questions and knowledge sharing.

Now, I own my business, the business is contributing to the improvement in environment, I use my engineering knowledge along the way, and I am planning on its growth in the future as a part of Energy Werx family.

Becoming a Certified Energy Advisor with Energy Werx was a life-changing decision that I made. As I look back, I strongly believe that I’ve made a fantastic decision!

Amir Khajezadeh

When Todd approached me with the opportunity to start my own company with the assistance of Energy Werx Corp. I knew right away; this was going to be great. It was the final nudge I needed to take what I have learned in my decades of experience in the insulation, home and energy evaluations, and property management and create a company that reflects my ideals and standards.

Energy Werx Corp. has been so helpful every step of the way. From training in multiple areas to being very responsive to questions all day long. I have already been able to bring on another staff member and am currently arranging training for additional advisors. I am able to build the team that reflects my values of respect, generosity, inclusivity, and diversity.

Everything has started out so great I cannot wait to see where the relationship between Energy Werx Manitoba and Energy Werx Corp is a year from now. I know this is just a start to great things.

Kevin Tousignant
Energy Werx Manitoba

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