We are a team of Registered Energy Advisors

With over 100 years of combined experience in home energy efficiency, Energy Werx has helped tens of thousands of homeowners make their houses more energy efficient, comfortable and receive millions (yes, MILLIONS) of dollars in government and utility rebates.

We are impartial and independent: not selling any other products or services allows us to have only your best interests at heart.

Energy Werx Manitoba

We have been in business since May 2021 and have completed over 1,200 home evaluations since the Canada Greener Homes Grant program launched!

However, our advisors combined have also completed several thousand evaluations outside of the scope of the Canada Greener Homes program—which means when you choose us to complete your pre- and post-retrofit evaluations, you’re choosing knowledgeable, experienced advisors who can provide you with the guidance you need to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Our Core Values